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Gladys, Elvis, and Vernon before Vernon goes to prison.

    For 75 years one man has been known all over the world by his first name only. Elvis. Most people think they know all there is to know about the life of Elvis Presley. Which is far from the truth. Julian Riley, a historian from Tupelo, Mississippi, has researched the early Elvis Presley story for the last 20 years. Much of what you may think you know may not be true and there is much you have not been told. This is why Julian wrote the book, "The Roots of Elvis Presley".


    Since 2010 Julian has been researching the family tree of Elvis. He has created a family tree that has over 37,000 names. This has expanded many of the family links to Elvis.  Julian has also collected 80 samples of DNA from people and he knows where each person fits in the family tree. Because there is no reliable DNA from Elvis available, Julian has created a way for anyone to determine if they are related to Elvis. You can not be related to Elvis Presley without being related to some of the DNA samples Julian collected. 


    Coming soon videos created for YOUTUBE. These videos will give people anywhere in the world a chance to view the world of Elvis Presley as it was when Elvis lived in Tupelo, Mississippi. The  videos will have people, places, and pictures that fans can not see anywhere else. Julian is not trying to change the story of the early Elvis. He simply intends to correct the story which has been confused by the many different versions.


    Those who are interested in Elvis Presley, Julian's book, The Roots of Elvis Presley, is a must read. For those interested in genealogy, Elvis Presley's family tree, is the only one of its kind. For those who want a tour of the Elvis sites in and around Tupelo Mississippi, the YOUTUBE  videos are a must watch.


 There are still many unanswered questions  

                about the early Elvis years.         


  1. Where is Elvis' twin brother really buried?
  2.  Is that the original house Elvis was born in?
  3.  Where did Elvis go to school in the first and second grades?
  4.  Where did Gladys and Vernon get married?
  5.  Why did Vernon not serve in the military in WWII?
  6.  Why did Vernon's father leave Vernon in jail and bail Travis Smith out of jail?
  7.  Did Elvis have any Jewish or Native American blood?
  8.  Did Elvis ever live in Shake Rag?
  9.  Who were Elvis' best friends at Milam Jr. High School?
  10.  Why did the Presley family leave Tupelo?

These questions, and more will be answered in 

                     future YOUTUBE videos.


Julian gives Elvis fans an early years of Elvis   

             experience like none other.

          Julian welcomes your questions.

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